Full Container Load (FCL)

(*i.e. 0123456789)

Attention: Below are the details that needed for FCL price quotation. In order to have a better understanding upon the detail, we have made a better clarification on that. Kindly refer the details below:

1. Product Name

In order for us to query on HScode.

2. Product Photo

The purpose is for us to have a clearer picture of your product. However, if there is no any picture of real products on hand, you may search similar picture from Google as well.

3. Delivery/Shipping Address

  • China Supplier’s Address (compulsory for EXW terms) – The reason we needed the address is to query on the trailer fee charges in order to reach out to your supplier’s place for goods loading.
  • Malaysia Address (compulsory) – We offer door-to-door delivery, so it is necessary for us to know your location and send the product to you.

4. Trading Terms

*How to choose on trading terms? Don’t worry, we are here to assist you! You are only require to tell us which situations you are facing below and we will help you to clarify.

  • EXW: Your supplier is not able to do export procedure, so they will need you to arrange an empty container to their warehouse for loading.
  • CIF: Your supplier will help on every export procedure, then deliver it to Malaysia port.
The process flow of full container load sea freight shipping from China to Malaysia.

Exwork – We handle the whole delivery process for you. Starting from loading and collecting your stocks from your China supplier’s factory, clearing both China’s and Malaysia’s customs as well as taxes, and arranging the delivery transportation until the stocks have safely arrived at your doorstep. 

FOB – This indicates that your supplier will only send the stocks to any of China’s ports for you, yet not sending it to Malaysia. We will help you arrange ships to deliver your stocks to Malaysia, as well as clearing Malaysia’s customs and taxes, until stocks arrive at your doorstep. 

CNF/CIF – This includes only processes of clearing Malaysia’s customs and delivery stocks to your doorstep. Your supplier will send the stocks all the way to Malaysia’s port for you, and we will help to clear Malaysia’s customs on your behalf and send the stocks to your doorstep. 

5. FAQs

We will update you the import duty, SST, and import permit in 2-3 working days after the form below has been filled up. 

We will first help you to confirm whether the stock needs import permit. If yes, we will then suggest you the best solution of doing it. 

In this situation, you are recommended to go for Exwork services, which means we will prepare container and load your stocks from your supplier’s factory, settle down everything , and send it to your doorstep.

In this situation, you are recommended to use CNF/CIF services. Let your supplier send your stocks to Malaysia’s customs and we will collect your stocks there, settling the rest for you and send it to your doorstep. 

Sure, but you will need to inform us earlier for a “POTONG”. Once “POTONG”, we will leave the container there for 24 hours and is Free of Charge.