11 useful tips from preventing goods being destroyed

Shipment from china is a long journey sometimes the goods may get wet, destroyed, stolen and so on. These uncetainty happened mostly due to the packaging of goods may not fulfill the requirement for long journey transportation. Therefore, the packaging standard listed below is crucial in order to protect the goods from deliver in good condition.


Hardness of the boxes

Hardness of the outer boxes is the most common situation that most supplier tends to ignore. Supplier should use box that is hard enough to withstand long journey transportation in order to protect the goods from damage. Low quality box may expose the goods in high risk situation.



Space-less inside boxes

Supplier should makes sure the goods inside the box do not have extra space because these extra space can makes the goods from moving during transportation journey thus the goods may be destroyed indirectly. Supplier can prevent this situation happened by wrapping the goods using bubble sheet or polystyrene support that can act as cushion from preventing the goods being destroyed.


H-shape sealing

A single strips tape sealing is not recommend as the tape may break during transportation journey thus the goods may get wet or destroyed. Double-layered or more tape sealing that seal in H-shape as showed below can prevent the goods from missing, wet or destroyed along the transportation journey.


Fragile logo

Various transportation channel is used when goods are being deliver from warehouse and send to Malaysia and thus the sequences of arrangement is crucial from avoiding unnecessary damage. Weight and logo of fragile or upright should be stick to the outer box from avoiding the goods being stacked with other heavy item as showed below.




Supplier should seal pallet for the goods that is heavy which is difficult to be carry by labor force so that the goods can be carry by forklift. Goods that is heavy but did not seal pallet may reject by the courier or transportation company which can drag the shipment schedule.



Goods arrangement

Sometimes, goods that is different size and measurement may be place in the same pallet yet the arrangement for different size goods in the same pallet is crucial from preventing the goods being destroyed.


Overload pallet

Although different goods are place systematically in the same pallet yet overload pallet is not recommended to ensure the goods is deliver in good condition.


Fix the pallet

The pallet have to fixed with elastic band and transparent plastic sheet to ensure the goods do not missing at the same time prevent the goods from getting wet.



Cylinder-shape goods

Goods that is overload or came in cylinder shape can be fixed in the pallet as showed below


Wooden box sealing

Sometimes goods that can’t fixed with pallet can be seal with wooden box. There are two different type of wooden box which is open-style and close-style that vary in prices. Wooden box sealing is also suitable for fragile goods.



Goods with irregular shape

Sometimes good like machine do not have fixed shape and normal seal might be risky for long journey transportation. Supplier should do proper sealing for the goods based on the type of goods.



Purchase or import from China is beneficial to Malaysian as mandarin is the common language for both country. Sometimes the supplier might misunderstand and treat the goods as domestic shipment and ignoring the proper sealing and packaging. Thus, proper procedure of sealing and packaging for long distance shipment is crucial with the aids of supplier in ensuring goods deliver in good condition.

Normally the supplier will charge the customer if the goods needed further sealing like pallet sealing or wooden box sealing, the market price of sealing is showed below:

Pallet sealing – RMB 50 – RMB 100(depends on the condition of pallet, old pallet may break easily)

Wooden box sealing- RMB 100 – RMB500 (depends on the size of goods)

This article is preparing in PDF form, we are willing to share to all supplier so that they can improve the packaging standard and lower down the risk of goods from getting damaged. Kindly drop us an email to operator@cief-malaysia.com for requesting the PDF file document and label “packaging standard PDF” and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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