Beginner Guide

Fundamental knowledge of shipping that suitable for the beginner who wants to import form China to Malaysia 

Advance Guide

An advance knowledge and guide regarding the shipping process that suggested to the importer who has more than 1 years import experience  

Shipping Tips

The useful shipping tips that aim to smooth the entirely shipping process in more efficiency ways

Industry Trend

Industry Trend is an important concern  to every importer which might be affected their business if they miss to catch up the new update

Expert Said

The experience sharing from our experts with the outcome from more than 10 years experience in logistic field.  There will be some professional advice from him as well.

What is New

How wechat help in shipping

Almost everyone has heard of the WeChat APP. However, it is not only a communication tool. It covers social, payment, media, lifestyle services, business services, and five WeChat businesses. There are numerous commercial miracles created using WeChat

Bank of China

How Malaysian Able to Open a China Bank Account

It’s a bit strange to say that the first condition for opening a bank account in China is that you need a Chinese calling card, so you can receive a “verification code” when you transfer the money, which is what we call TAC...

How Much do you Know About the " Export Tax Refund"

Generally, suppliers of small and medium-sized "bulk" importers cannot claim 17% tax refund from the Chinese government. What are the reasons?

11 Useful Tips from Preventing Goods being Destroyed

Have you heard of such a story? A businessman has worked hard to raise a sum of money and found a source of goods in China. When he is planning to import it to show his strength, when the goods arrive, he finds that many goods have been crushed....

Four Kinds of Remmittance Channels to Chinese Manufactures

How to send money to Chinese suppliers? Which type of remittance is the most reliable, fastest, most convenient, and most suitable?