How To Increase 10 Times of Sales By Only Changing The “Product Packaging”

Shipping Tips - Product Packaging

A lot of people are asking, since you are in this line, handling various imported products into Malaysia, then do you know the products that have the best-selling points?

Based on the strict regulations established by the company, employees are strictly forbidden to disclose customer information. Once caught, even Tianwang Laozi is immediately expelled from the company and let’s live up to this point. So, if we tell you what are the current explosive products in the market, do you think you can sell well?

Few years back, power bank, electronic cigarettes and fidget spinner were very famous when they were just launched, but they started to fall at a very fast speed.

Above is one of the examples of when a product is doing great in the market, it will eventually form a Red Sea Strategy. At that particular time, it is necessary to compete for “uniqueness”. In order to win the market share, the products need to have a different customer’s attraction.


Today, what I wanted to share with you is the way to be different from the others. The easiest key is to really work hard on the product “packaging”.

Nowadays, China has formed a complete company brand production line. From designing a logo to large-scale printing and packaging, there are countless suppliers in China to choose from.

Then, the next step is to focus on the reasons China has been the perfect selection spot for custom packaging manufactures among the companies.

The first thing we need to understand is the significance of custom packaging to the company. Be aware, the company’s logo affect the customer’s first impression of the company. To make a good impression on customers and potential customers, a strong design style is a must.

For many small and micro enterprises and newly established companies, they do not have the reputation and popularity just yet, so they need the power of the logo. The issue is mainly many companies that are not very strong, having a real burden on paying for high product development costs plus the time that need to be sacrificed. But, by choosing a good supplier can solve the above problem. After creating your own brand, entrust the supplier to design the logo and then print it on the package.

A simple yet powerful process can make your brand appear in the public’s eye and act as your marketing weapon.

Secondly, the packaging cost. In the real world, we have seen a lot of products that are either not packed or even packaged. These products often leave an unreliable and lacking impression. The seller knows the impact of unpackaged product will have. So, why did they still choose to do so instead of the otherwise?

The reason is because the seller does not truly understand the perks of having custom packaging. Besides, they are afraid of investing too much on packaging and maintaining the basic profit which results to the increases of the price and eventually losing customers. In China, even a piece of packaging can be customized, and that awareness of such service is still missing.

To be true, custom packaging is no longer new as it has become a niche for many suppliers, and it is not as expensive as traditional impressions. The following example will provide a more intuitive understanding:


The Turtle Projection Lamp is a product that we have previously purchased from our customer service. On many e-commerce sites, such as China’s Alibaba, the US Amazon, we can find the same “turtle lamp”. It is enough for small factories that are not demanding and do not have much modal, but for these small commodities, they are already a common selling method for sellers.

Pointing out the fact of having the same packaging, buyers will naturally dazzle and choose ones with lower price, so the only attraction point left is by putting a cheaper price tag. But once you have your own unique packaging, you will stand out among the low-end products. In addition, the cost of custom packaging is not as high as expected. A finished product can be printed with $100 mold opening fee. If he orders 10,000 products, the extra cost per piece will be as low as $0.01. Competitors who are still using the initial packaging need to even lower their price in order to increase sales.

For first time order, the supplier will charge a printing fee ranging from $80 to $100 and the subsequent printing list will have other costs. It doesn’t matter if you can’t provide a package design as suppliers usually have a one-stop service from design to printing final products. Surely, you need to pay extra for this, but it is way cheaper compared to the price of factory custom. The following example will show the difference:


Teddy bears are one of the favourite toys regardless of age. Assumed one unpackaged teddy bear is priced at $1.3 when purchased from a supplier. However, unpackaged toys are difficult to sell, and people will wonder if it is a second-hand goods. At this point, you only need to find a printing factory to solve this problem. Usually there are three different options to choose. Firstly, packed it in colour boxes with own design, 2 000 pieces and each cost $0.19, which is slightly more expensive. On the other hand, for a cheaper option, the price would cost $0.03 each and there are two different options for this method, one is making a bag with the seller’s logo, minimum 3,000 pieces; the other is by using a uniquely designed greeting card, minimum 2,000 pieces. Compare the three different prices and content, we can finally choose a packaging with our own ideas.

Finally, the steps to customize a piece of packaging. Before identifying a supplier, we need to understand the custom price of the different channels and the quality of the final product. The first thing that comes to mind is Alibaba. After all, it covers all perspective of life. There is no such thing that is impossible. It doesn’t matter if your favourite supplier can’t provide printing service, as there are many printing factories to choose from. However, when choosing a printing factory on Alibaba, it is necessary to know in advance that it is best not to be far from the supplier’s city to avoid excessive costs when delivering the printed product. A simple suggestion, you can try to choose a supplier in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China. This is China’s printing city and they are many manufacturers that provide printing services to choose from.

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