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Place order with 1-click: 在使用同个仓库和收货地址的情况下可以一键生成二维码,快捷且方便

Create New Order: 重新选择仓库与收货地址




点击二维码下方的”More Details” > “Warehouse (China)”,您能知道货物抵达仓库的日期,数量,以及具体的立方米。


点击二维码下方的“More Details”,选择“In Transit”查看。

ETD: 预计从中国出发的日期

ETA: 预计到大马港口的日期


【English Version】

Yes, but make sure that your supplier pastes the QR Code on all your parcels. 

No, ONE QR Code can only be used by ONE supplier for ONE round of shipment. All the QR Code is not available for second use.

No, ONE order number is only corresponding to ONE supplier, no second use is allowed. You’ll need to generate a few more QR Codes for other suppliers. 

Yes, as long as it has never been used before, and has no record in the warehouse, you may use it in your next shipment, since it has no expiry date. 

You can choose either one.

Place Order with 1-click: Generate QR code with just one click when you’re using the same warehouse and delivery address as previous, it’s fast and convenient.

Create New Order: Re-select the warehouse and shipping address.

The information has not been confirmed by our staff yet because this is your first time using. Your QR code will be shown in the “ACTIVE” status once it has been confirmed.

No, the authentication is only required in the first time using. 

This number represents the quantity of goods that has been received by the warehouse.

Click the “More Details” below the QR code, then select “Warehouse (China)”, you’ll find out the arrival date of the goods in the Warehouse, their quantity and specific CBM. 

This number represents the quantity of the items that has been loaded and is in transit.

Click “More Details” below the QR code and select “In Transit”.

ETD: Estimated date of departure from China.

ETA: Estimated date of arrival at the Malaysian port. 

This number represents the quantity of goods you’ve received.