1688 Access Payment

‘ Since the end of 2021, bank transfers are no longer allowed on 1688. Following a spike in demand for Alipay pay-on-behalf payments and the subsequent freezing of a significant number of accounts, we have finally found a solution! ‘

What is 1688 Payment?

Generally speaking, after you place an order on 1688, our staff will log into your account and make the payment on your behalf.
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Officially Authorized by 1688
  • Legitimate
  • No restrictions on the number of orders, transfer amount, and no frozen account.
  • It is an online transaction that all sellers can accept.
Auto generate Purchase Invoice
  • The invoice has been verified by a Malaysian accounting firm, it can be used for auditing.
  • Auto-generate purchase invoice once the payment is made.
  • The system allows users to review previous purchasing transactions.
Our 1688 payment system will auto generate purchase invoice

How do I use it? ​

  1. Select the product and add it into cart
  2. Select ‘secure transaction’ when submitting the order
  3. Place order on CIEF Exchange
  4. Download the Invoice

For whom?

  • Who wants to pay on 1688
  • Who can’t register Alipay/whose Alipay is frozen
  • Who can’t use 1688 to transfer money
  • Who has to make massive payments
  • Who can pay but can’t get an invoice
谁适合使用我们的1688 payment system
RMB Transactions​

Ms. Ng

Shopee Seller

“I had attempted the Alipay pay-on-behalf method of payment in 1688. But I was terrified to end up in one of the many situations of frozen accounts that I had heard about. Thank goodness, I found out about the CIEF service, and they were able to resolve my payment issue. I can easily pay on 1688, and I also receive the invoices. I would definitely recommend this service to others.”

“I was looking for a payment solution that would allow me to transfer RMB to my China suppliers. I found 1688 Payment service on CIEF Exchange and decided to give it a try. The customer service is excellent and they were able to help me with any questions I had. Overall, I am very happy with 1688 Payment and would recommend it to anyone looking for a payment solution on 1688 for their business.”

Ms. Lam


Mr. Chang

Self owned Business

“Prior to this, I was the one who made payments on 1688 using "bank transfer." But when I realized that bank transfers weren't accepted in 1688 because of a Chinese government policy, I panicked. I'm grateful that CIEF has developed this new payment option to address my issue. The procedure is easy to follow, and I had no trouble getting started. They provide amazing customer service and are always willing to assist.”

“I love Exchange service of CIEF! I've been able to make RMB payments to my suppliers in China without any issues. The process is really easy and I've been really happy with the results. And, I’ve get the invoices for accounting purpose as well. I would definitely recommend Exchange service to anyone looking to make RMB payments.”

Mr. Tan

Shopee Seller


Yes, the invoice we gave complies with legal requirements and may be used for the audit.

 The rate will automatically display itself when you key in the transaction amount on the system.

Our team will proceed the orders accordingly within one working day.

No, once you’ve locked the booking, the rate won’t affect your orders.

Our team will refund the exact amount to your Exchange wallet, and you may reorder again or withdraw it to your own bank account without any charges.

It’s time to switch your payment method.

No worries to pay 1688 anymore



Exchange Background

我曾在1688尝试过支付宝代付的方式,但我听到越来越多人的账户被冻结了,我很担心。后来我发现了 CIEF 服务,他们能够解决我的付款问题。 1688代付很方便,Invoice也收到了。我肯定会向其他人推荐这项服务!


Martin Smith

CEO, Acme Industries

我一直在寻找能够解决1688付款问题的方法,可以让我将人民币转账给我的中国供应商。我在 CIEF Exchange 上找到了 1688 代付服务,并决定尝试一下。客户服务非常好,他们能够帮助我解决我遇到的任何问题。总的来说,我对 1688 代付非常满意,并会推荐给任何需要 1688 付款方案的人。


Shelly Barns

CEO, Acme Industries

在此之前,我是使用1688上“银行转帐”的人。但当我意识到中国政府的政策改变,1688不再接受银行转账时,我真的很焦虑。我很感激 CIEF 开发了这个新的支付选项来解决我的问题。该方式很容易操作,我上手没有遇到任何困难。他们也提供了出色的客户服务,并且随时愿意提供帮助。


Jacob Luke

CEO, Acme Industries

我喜欢CIEF的Exchange服务!我已经能够毫无顾虑地向我在中国的供应商进行人民币支付。这个过程真的很简单,我对结果非常满意。而且,我也能随时在系统里下载有用于报账的Invoice。我肯定会向希望在1688付款的任何人推荐 Exchange 服务。


Jacob Luke

CEO, Acme Industries