Efficient logistics service for seamless operations

Fulfillment Service

We offer both tailored warehousing and dependable distribution services to meet your needs. With advanced facilities and a flexible network, we provide comprehensive logistics support.

Why Choose Us

No matter the size of your orders, we offer flexible services without minimum order requirements, ensuring smooth logistics operations for you.

Efficient & convenient

We offer complete warehousing and delivery solutions, all in one place for hassle-free logistics.

No minimum order quantity

We have no restrictions on order quantity. Even if it’s just one product, we’ll still handle the delivery.

Cost reduction

Our centralized warehouse management helps you reduce logistics costs and stay competitive. With our optimized distribution network and professional team, we provide the most cost-effective solutions.

Professional Support

We have an experienced team ready to provide you with expert support and advice. You can trust us to handle logistics operations while you focus on growing your core business.

The first 20 customers will receive a 10% discount.

How To Use Our Services

Here’s how to use our services easily and achieve your sales goals while satisfying your customers.

  1. Get quotes and information from CIEF.
  2. Send your goods to our warehouse.
  3. Register as our supplier to start services.
  4. Connect with your platform account (Shopee/Laz/TikTok/Facebook).
  5. Warehouse receives order information and begins processing customer orders.
  6. Courier partners deliver goods to customers.

Service Guidelines

Familiarize yourself with our terms of service to protect both parties’ interests and ensure smooth collaboration.


Please notify us three days in advance before delivering goods to our warehouse.


Items exceeding 30*30*40cm will incur additional charges.


If the warehouse loses goods, we will fully compensate.


Prohibited items include food, counterfeit products, gas products, flammable products, and pharmaceuticals, but some powdered products are acceptable.


Unable to find the answer you’re looking for here? Contact us!

We have two warehouses, located in Klang and Seremban.

Consult our customer service for the most suitable solution for you.

You can choose to have them delivered via courier or dedicated vehicle.

It is based on the prices provided by the courier company. If using a dedicated vehicle, pricing is determined by factors such as the type of transportation, size and weight of the goods, frequency of delivery, distance, etc.

This requires the seller to cooperate by labeling the boxes and providing a packing list.

The first 20 customers will receive a 10% discount.

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