About Sea Shipping Prices

Understanding the cost of your shipment allows you to plan ahead. Sea Shipping prices may vary based on shipment type and location. Discover the prices are calculated by C.I.E.F.

Price List

West Malaysia

LocationPrice/CBM (Guang Zhou)Price/CBM (Yi Wu)
Klang ValleyRM 390RM 430
PenangRM 430RM 470
JohorRM 430RM 470
SerembanRM 430RM 470
MelakaRM 430RM 470
Perak/IpohRM 430RM 470
Kedah/Alor SetarRM 430RM 470
Pahang/KuantanRM 430RM 470
Perlis/KangarRM 430RM 470
Kelantan/Kota BharuRM 450RM 490
TerengganuRM 450RM 490

*Price is negotiable depending on goods sensitivity

East Malaysia

LocationPrice/CBM (Guang Zhou)Price/CBM (Yi Wu)
Kota KinabaluRM 430RM 440
SandakanRM 510RM 520
TawauRM 530RM 540
Lahad DatoRM 530RM 540
LabuanRM 580RM 590
KuchingRM 430RM 440
SibuRM 430RM 440
BintuluRM 440RM 450
MiriRM 450RM 450

*Price is negotiable depending on goods sensitivity


CBM means cubic meter (m³). You can calculate CBM by measuring your parcel’s length x width x height, in metre (m) as unit.

For example, assuming that the parcel’s length is 100 cm, width is 200 cm, and height of 100 cm, 

100 cm x 200 cm x 100 cm = 2,000,000 cm³

2,000,000 cm³ divide by 1,000,000 m³ = 2CBM

*Our lowest rate:

0.1cbm = RM75 (Klang Valley)

0.2cbm = RM105 (Klang Valley)

*NOTE: If the parcel is less than 0.3cbm, the price of the parcel is according to the current market*

Parcel which measure more than 0.3cbm can be calculated.

For example, your parcel is measure 0.313cbm. It comes from GuangZhou warehouse and send to your address is in KL.

0.3cbm = By item (e.g. GuangZhou – KL RM390, 0.313cbm means RM390 x 0.313 = RM122.07, and so on)

*Please bear in mind that CBM is calculated as PER parcel

We are sorry to inform you that we do not support air freight service currently. We hope to serve you better in the future. 😊

Our insurance covers only [lost goods] cases. This indicates that we will only compensate for those goods which went missing from our warehouse, BUT not for damaged goods.

*If you are delivering fragile or valuable goods, you are recommended to use wooden or any sturdy cuboid to cover up the goods.

*The highest compensation amount is 10 times of the delivery fees

For example: The total CBM of goods is 3, and the delivery fees will be RM390 x 3 = RM1,170

Thus, the compensation will be RM1,170 x 10 = RM11,700

* Insurance is not valid if damage of goods is caused by natural disaster or customs sampling inspection

As we are a B2B shipping company, hence we do not support “package combination” service.

We will move all stocks into the container right after the stocks have arrived at our warehouse. Stocks that arrived one day later or more, will be delivered to Malaysia separately.

From Guangzhou warehouse to your doorstep will take around 18 – 21 days

From Yiwu warehouse to your doorstep will take around 23 – 25 days

*Only applicable for West Malaysia*

*The minimum charges for East Malaysia is 0.3 CBM*


GuangZhou (GZ)

0.1cbm- RM75

0.2cbm- RM105

>0.3cbm- RM390/cbm


0.1cbm- RM85

0.2cbm- RM115

>0.3cbm- RM430/cbm

Between 0.0 – 0.1cbm = 0.1cbm

Between 0.1cbm – 0.2cbm = 0.2cbm

Between 0.2cbm – 0.3cbm = 0.3cbm


For example:

0.15cbm = RM 105

0.365cbm will be calculated as follow:

RM 390 x 0.365 = RM 142.35

1.265cbm will be calculated as follow:

RM 390 x 1.265 = RM 493.35

Charges are depending on whether invoice is needed.

If yes, the charges will be 2% of your invoice amount.

If not, a RMB 20 will be charge. 

For one container, you will need to provide few information for us before we quote the price

  1. Your delivery terms with suppliers is Exwork, FOB, or CNF?
  2. Your product packing list, and commercial invoice.
  3. Where is your exact location?

We are sorry to inform you that we are currently focusing on importing goods from China to Malaysia only.

We hope to serve you better in the future.😊

How shipping made easy

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Wait and Received

3.Wait and receive

Just sit back and relax while waiting for your goods to arrive to your doorstep.

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