Safe and Efficient Warehousing Solutions

Warehouse Sharing Service

We can help ease your warehousing challenges by addressing space shortages and reducing the financial burden of long-term leases and equipment purchases, among other expenses.

Why Choose Us

We currently offer highly flexible warehousing services, catering to your needs whether you require just a small shelf or a small space.

Low-Cost Warehousing

If you have limited warehouse space and want to avoid the high costs of setting up your own warehouse, shared warehousing can minimize your expenses.

Customized Services

We understand every client is unique, so we offer flexible, customized warehousing solutions. Whether it’s specific storage needs or distribution requirements, we adjust our services to suit your needs.

Professional Experience

With our experienced team and extensive knowledge, we deliver efficient and dependable warehousing services. We understand logistics complexities and offer excellent solutions based on years of experience.

Advanced Technology

We employ cutting-edge warehousing technology and information systems to achieve precise inventory tracking, rapid sorting, and accurate distribution. This not only boosts operational efficiency but also ensures the safety and integrity of goods.


Our warehousing services offer excellent scalability to accommodate your business growth. Whether you’re a small-scale enterprise or a large corporation, we can flexibly adapt to your evolving needs.

Customer Support

Our team is always available to assist customers, answer questions, and ensure they enjoy top-notch service throughout the warehousing process.

The first 20 customers will benefit from a 10% discount.

How to Use Our Services

Here’s how to use our services easily and achieve your sales goals while satisfying your customers.

  1. Contact customer service to find the most suitable solution for you.
  2. Register an IZYIM account.
  3. Label and deliver your goods to the warehouse for storage.
  4. Dispatch the goods to customers as needed.
  5. Settle and pay the warehousing fees.

Service Guidelines

  • Please ensure you provide us with a minimum of 3 days' notice prior to the delivery of your goods.
  • In the event of loss of your goods during the storage period, full-price compensation will be provided. In case of unforeseen events such as fire, compensation amount will be determined by the insurance company.
  • Food, counterfeit goods, gas products, flammable materials, and pharmaceuticals are not permitted for storage. However, we do accept some powdered items.


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We have two warehouses, located in Klang and Seremban.

Consult our customer service for the most suitable solution for you.

You can choose to have them delivered via courier or dedicated vehicle.

It is based on the prices provided by the courier company. If using a dedicated vehicle, pricing is determined by factors such as the type of transportation, size and weight of the goods, frequency of delivery, distance, etc.

This requires the seller to cooperate by labeling the boxes and providing a packing list.

The first 20 customers will benefit from a 10% discount.

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