Full Container Load (FCL)

You are recommended to read before quoting for price.

1. Trading Terms (Exwork, FOB, CNF/CIF)

Exwork – We handle the whole delivery process for you. Starting from loading and collecting your stocks from your China supplier’s factory, clearing both China’s and Malaysia’s customs as well as taxes, and arranging the delivery transportation until the stocks have safely arrived at your doorstep. 

FOB – This indicates that your supplier will only send the stocks to any of China’s ports for you, yet not sending it to Malaysia. We will help you arrange ships to deliver your stocks to Malaysia, as well as clearing Malaysia’s customs and taxes, until stocks arrive at your doorstep. 

CNF/CIF – This includes only processes of clearing Malaysia’s customs and delivery stocks to your doorstep. Your supplier will send the stocks all the way to Malaysia’s port for you, and we will help to clear Malaysia’s customs on your behalf and send the stocks to your doorstep. 

2. Container Size (20 GP, 40 GP, 40 HQ)

20 GP – able to load a total of 29 CBM (17 tonnes) goods

40 GP – able to load a total of 58 CBM (23 tonnes) goods

40 HQ – able to load a total of 68 CBM (23 tonnes) goods 

*You may contact your supplier to get the exact container size needed to load your stocks 

*Do not know What is CBM? Click the button below: 

3. Delivery Address

China Supplier Address (applicable for Exwork only) – Since you will need us to load and collect your stocks from your China supplier’s factory, hence we will need the exact location and address of your China supplier factory in order to load your stocks and deliver it to your doorstep. You may get the address from your supplier~ ❤

China Departure Port (applicable for FOB only) – As your supplier will send the stocks to China’s port for you, and we need to arrange ship to deliver your stocks from China to Malaysia, thus we will need to know which port will your supplier sends your stocks to, so that we can arrange ship to the port and deliver your stocks to Malaysia, your doorstep~ ✌

Malaysia Address – We will need your Malaysia address in order to send the stocks to your doorstep~ 😀

4. Details of Stocks

Photos of your stocks / Name of your stocks / Description of your stocks – We will need the photo for visualization on what products are you importing in to Malaysia. (*You may Google search for relevant photos)

Usage/Function of your stocks – We need the actual information of your goods in order to report HScode to customs. 

Name of your stocks – For documentation purposes. 

5. FAQs

We will update you the import duty, SST, and import permit in 2-3 working days after the form below has been filled up. 

We will first help you to confirm whether the stock needs import permit. If yes, we will then suggest you the best solution of doing it. 

In this situation, you are recommended to go for Exwork services, which means we will prepare container and load your stocks from your supplier’s factory, settle down everything , and send it to your doorstep.

In this situation, you are recommended to use CNF/CIF services. Let your supplier send your stocks to Malaysia’s customs and we will collect your stocks there, settling the rest for you and send it to your doorstep. 

Sure, but you will need to inform us earlier for a “POTONG”. Once “POTONG”, we will leave the container there for 24 hours and is Free of Charge. 

Kindly fill up the form below to quote for FCL price:

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