Customer service


Currently, we are focusing on Sea Shipping Service, our warehouse is located at Guangzhou and Yiwu, we will handle everything and deliver to your door step.

1. Firstly, you will need to register an account with us.

​2. We will create a Wechat group chat shortly and provide you a “marking” and “warehouse location”.

3. Your supplier must attach “marking” on your goods and deliver it to our warehouse.

4. Just sit back and relax while waiting for your goods to arrive at your doorstep (ground floor). We will settle everything including custom clearance and taxes for you.


Our working hours are:
Monday to Friday (9.00am – 6.00pm)
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

You can leave us a message via Facebook Messenger or WeChat, and we will reply you as soon as possible.

Yes, as for now we do have air freight services for only CIEF Lite users.

Yes, as for now we do provide goods consolidation services for only CIEF Lite users.

We do not actually help people to open bank account in China.

However, you can refer to our article “How Malaysian Can Open China Bank Account“.

No , we do not provide pickup service. Your supplier need to deliver the goods to our China warehouse.

Yes, we will deliver to your doorstep but only for ground floor. 

If you need to send your goods to the upstairs, you must pay an additional fee to the driver. The amount of the fee you can negotiate with the driver.

If the goods are heavy, then you have to prepare a forklift.

Yes , but only when the goods is missing , we do not guarantee from the goods damage.

It is recommended to request your suppliers for well-packaging manners in order to prevent goods from damage.

You can refer to our blog, “ 11 useful tips from preventing goods being destroyed“.

For sea shipment, we use our own lorry. 

For sea shipping services, repack is unavailable.

Not a problem, just give us the person’s name and contact number, the driver will call him before deliver the goods.

Yes, we will provide an invoice for you.

Can, but we will charge 3.5% for it.

Original, we will post it to you.

Our China Warehouse is located at Guangzhou and Yiwu. 


Just a reminder
If you sent your goods to warehouse directly, we will not be held responsible for any damage, loss and cost.

Postcode: 322000

Just a reminder
If you sent your goods to warehouse directly, we will not be held responsible for any damage, loss and cost.

If your cargo is too much or too heavy, you are suggested to request for pallet cargo service from the vendor and we will help to unload your cargo by forklift truck. But if the cargo without pallet, your supplier will be taking the full responsibility and fees charged. No liability or responsibility is accepted by our company.



CBM means cubic meter (). You can calculate CBM by measuring your parcel’s length x width x height, in metre (m) as unit.

For example, assuming that the parcel’s length is 100cm, width is 200cm, and height of 100cm, 

100cm x 200cm x 100cm = 2,000,000cm³

2,000,000cm³ , 1,000,000m³ = 2CBM

*Our lowest rate:

0.1cbm = RM75 (Klang Valley)

0.2cbm = RM105 (Klang Valley)

*NOTE: If the parcel is less than 0.3 cbm, the price of the parcel is according to the current market price.* 

Parcel which measure more than 0.3 cbm can be calculated.

For example, your parcel is measure 0.313 cbm. It comes from GuanZhou warehouse and send to your address in KL.

0.3cbm = By item (e.g. GuangZhou – KL RM440 , 0.313cbm means RM440 x 0.313 = RM137.72, and so on)

*Please bear in mind that CBM is calculated as PER parcel

Yes , Maximum 500kg per M3 , exceeding weight will have an extra charges RM40 / M3.

Our minimum volume for Sea Shipment is 0.3CBM

Large quantities (pesticides, food, beverages, toilets, ceramics, marble, sex toys, etc)

Drugs, animals, plants, tobacco, explosive objects, dangerous goods, tobacco, air-conditioning refrigerants, alcohol, etc.

Temporally we cannot ship it.

We are door to door shipping services, so we will send the goods to your doorstep.  But it is only available for the ground floor.

We will still continue to load the goods, and will charge for the minimum 0.3 CBM as well.

Fee charges


Our fees is already included custom tax , so you don’t have to pay any extra.

Depends on whether if you need invoice or not, if not then we only charge RMB 20.

We accept the both online transfer and cheque.

MAYBANK (MBB) Current Account
Account Number: 568603010762

We will charges RM15 for that and 2% from your goods.

For one container, you need to provide us with the specific information before we quote the price.

  1. Your delivery terms with suppliers is Exwork, FOB, or CNF?
  2. If it’s Exwork , where is your supplier located at?

  3. Product picture (HScode is encouraged)

  4. Your shipping address in Malaysia

No, we will have 2% extra charge.

Yes, we will handle the tax.

We will bare the declaration responsibly, confirm waive the tax and import license and then deliver to your hand.



From Guangzhou warehouse to your doorstep will take around 18 – 21 days.

From Yiwu warehouse to your doorstep will take around 23 – 25 days.

If from Guangzhou to KL, it’s take around 18-20 days, while if from Yiwu to KL, it’s take around 23-25 days.

Have more questions? Let us know