Parcel consolidation - The process to import from 1688 to Malaysia | C.I.E.F LITE

We do believe everyone knows the 1688 wholesale platform under Alibaba! You may be faced with some account registration and other issues. We had prepared  1688 super complete steps and tips to share with all of you!!

1. Browse through 1688 Website 🖥️

First of all, you will need to search on Google or URL ( to enter 1688 platform. Then, you will need to give access to the “google translate” function in order to help you translate from Chinese to English for better understanding.

Alibaba Website Picture

2. Register 1688 Account 🆔

The next step is to register a 1688 account~
⚠There are two ways to register 1688 account

Alibaba Website Log In Page

The first way is to log in using Taobao

For those who have Taobao account can directly link to your Taobao to log in~


The second way is to register a new account

For those, who does not have a Taobao account, you may register a new account ya~ Here with the step below:

First, click [Agree] on user agreement ~

Fill up the registration details

After agree with the registration agreement, you can fill in personal information~

The phone number is used to receive the verification code, so enter your phone number and click “Agree and Register”.

Country please select “Malaysia +60

You will receive a verification code immediately. Thus, enter and submit the verification code. After that, register successfully!!!

3. Search Goods/Inquiry 🔎

After registering/logging in, you can start searching for the goods and compare the prices with different suppliers. You may even click ‘Inquiry’ to coordinate privately with the supplier.

Select the inquiry button picture


Click ‘Filter’ -> ‘Strong Merchant’ -> ‘OK’ on the page to filter out [NiuTou] supplier. If other suppliers do not have the “Niu Tou” recognization, you may choose to read other people’s reviews to ensure that the supplier’s goods are high quality or stable.

Powerful Merchant Logo

[Niu Tou] is the supplier that has been operating on the 1688 website for a long time, and have received numerous praise and quality certifications. Therefore, when buying goods, remember to pay attention to the suppliers of the Niutou.

4. Add to Goods List🛒

After filtering, search the goods want to import and place the order.

The details of choosing the goods
The details of item updated

Next, choose the specifications, colors, quantities, etc. You can add to the list~

5. Register CIEF LITE🆔

At this stage, make sure that you have registered a CIEF LITE account.

First, go to the CIEF LITE official website, and click on the second option “Register” in the right menu. Then, fill in and submit your personal information. After that, the CIEF LITE account is registered successfully~

For more related CIEF LITE order procedures, you may visit the [order procedure] on the website.

The details of lite sign up page

6. Fill in Information & Address 📝

After registering for CIEF LITE, return to the 1688 website to pay for what you want to buy. A prompt will appear on the screen for whoever has not filled in the address! Click “Fill in” go to “New Delivery Address” and add our China warehouse address.

The details of fill in shipping address
The details of warehouse address

All the information can all be copied in the CIEF LITE account~

Please do not use your name and phone number! Only by following the information provided, the warehouse will receive for us.

Warehouse address should put in with Chinese words.

🌸Tips: Air & Sea shipment is the same warehouse address.

Login to the LITE account, select “Warehouse Address” in the menu of “My Orders”

🌸Tip: Warehouse address can be copied directly~ Just click the small square box next to the address to copy.

7. Payment 💳

Payment on 1688 has always been a difficult problem. Alipay-pay-on-behalf seems to be the easiest way to pay, but not all agents can offer purchase invoices, and there are restrictions on the frequency and size of payments. CIEF has always strongly recommended “bank transfer” method. Bank transfers on 1688 have suddenly stopped working since the year’s end. The issue is experienced by many people. You can still select to use “bank transfer” if it is still an option. You may easily pay and obtain a Purchase Invoice for your business audit by following the instructions in the CIEF video guide.

If you can’t choose “bank transfer” like me, now I have switched to CIEF’s new 1688 Payment. Of course, you still need to register before using these services. After registering successfully, make sure you have submitted the Identification Document. As a new user, to use the 1688 Payment, you should read the rule and activate that service.

  1. Real-name authentication is necessary for Alipay, which must be linked to the 1688 account.
  2. You have to choose “secured transaction” when paying.

CIEF’s new 1688 Payment is the authenticated payment method on the 1688 platform, which is completely legitimate. 

Yes, but you have to contact customer service and they will provide you with a solution.

CIEF provides bank transfer and 1688 pay-on-behalf to help Malaysians to pay RMB

The 1 day transfer and 3 days transfer as shown above is the time the transaction can be done, but only for “bank transfer” services. The service will become available on your left side as soon as you successfully activate the 1688 Payment. Then, after choosing 1688 Payment, input the transfer amount. Again, just need to fill in the necessary data in the system, and verify that the given amount is valid. You can then complete the RM payment and go on.

The CIEF staff will contact you and request a first-time-login TAC if they are accessing your 1688 account for the first time. As soon as they have made the payment for you, they will provide a receipt through the system, as seen in the below image, and your seller will begin sending the items.

8. Shipping Arrangement

When the supplier starts to ship the goods, you may fill in the shipping information.

Go to the homepage “Member Center” select “Arrange Shipping” and then submit, so the shipping information has been saved, as shown below:

🌸Tip: After submitted, you still can add other goods/parcels in the future if you want.
Fill up the parcel information

When all goods arrive at the warehouse, select the goods that need to be consolidated, as shown below:

The updated details of product order

Select the air or sea shipment, etc.

fill up the address and choose the shipping method

After selecting the service, you may need to wait for the warehouse staff to weight and calculate the shipping fee.

Picture of the details of the delivery order

After the weighting is completed, its time to pay the shipping fee~

Whoever with sufficient balance in the account can pay the shipping fee directly~

You may also browse [Order procedures] to learn more about top-up related procedures.

Top-up account balance details

After payment completed, wait for the warehouse to arrange the shipment~

9. Check Shipping Status 🔍

We may click the “My Account” at the top right corner and click “Order History” to track the latest status of the parcel/product!

Tutorial of Order History

Waiting for the goods to arrive at the doorstep, and done!😉

Remember to check the parcel/product quantity, and then go to the account and click “Received” to complete the process~❤