Sea shipping full container at border

Shipping fees Spike Up! Shipping fees Spike Up! Shipping fees Spike Up!

Important news must be inform immediately, especially to you who plan to ship goods to Malaysia soon!

Due to significant and continuous increases in shipping fees by major global shipping companies, transportation companies are now forced to adjust their rates weekly based on international shipping costs.

The Red Sea crisis has started to impact ports globally, exacerbating congestion at major ports. Even Southeast Asian routes are facing blockages and varying degrees of delays. Following the “overcrowding” at the port of Singapore, Malaysia’s Port Klang in Selangor and Tanjung Pelepas Port in Johor are now also experiencing congestion!

Furthermore, more shipping companies are opting to reroute via the Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip of Africa, extending shipping times by approximately 14 days. This has disrupted schedules for ships entering Asian ports. The extended sea time has also affected container turnover, leading to a shortage of empty containers in the market.

As the Red Sea crisis continues, fees are expected to rise moderately, although the duration of this increase remains uncertain. Rest assured, we will promptly announce any good news on our website and across all platforms.

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