Guidelines and strategies for importing coin-operated machines

import crane machine from China to Malaysia

As coin-operated machines become increasingly popular in Malaysia, more and more businesses and investors are turning to importing them from China. However, importing coin-operated machines from China is not a simple task. Throughout the entire import process, there are many factors to consider, including container space, items inside the machines, and coin import permits. To ensure that the machines can be successfully imported to Malaysia, businesses and investors need to be aware of certain precautions and techniques. This article will introduce the things to keep in mind when importing coin-operated machines from China to Malaysia, helping you avoid common issues during the import process.


1. Choose the appropriate coin-operated machines

When selecting coin-operated machines, you need to consider several factors, such as the type and specifications of the machines, your target market and customer demands, the quality and price of the machines, and the supplier’s reputation and credibility. To assess the quality and specifications of the machines, you can contact the supplier and request product samples.


2. Understand Malaysia’s customs and tax policies

Before importing the coin-operated machines to Malaysia, you need to understand the country’s customs and tax policies. You need to ensure that your machines meet Malaysia’s import standards and that you pay the relevant tariffs and taxes. You can obtain more information by contacting local customs agents or trade organizations. When importing the machines, you need to ensure that they comply with Malaysia’s standards and certification requirements. You need to obtain all necessary documents and certificates related to the machines to prove compliance with local standards and regulations.


3. Arrange payment and currency conversion

When purchasing coin-operated machines from a supplier, you need to consider currency conversion and payment arrangements. You can use methods such as bank wire transfers or letters of credit for payment. You also need to understand the exchange rates and remittance fees between China and Malaysia. CIEF Worldwide provides exchange services, including Chinese bank transfers, 1688 payments, and US dollar payments. There is always a payment method that your supplier can accept.


4. Choose a reliable logistics partner

When choosing a logistics partner, you need to consider the following factors:

  • The reputation and credibility of the logistics company
  • Logistics costs and delivery time
  • The insurance policy of the logistics company

Choosing a reliable logistics partner is crucial to ensure that your coin-operated machines arrive safely and on time in Malaysia. You can evaluate their services and costs by contacting local logistics companies and getting quotes.


5. Container space

It is difficult to transport vending machines as loose cargo, and it is more cost-effective to transport them as a whole container load. Therefore, when importing these machines, you need to consider what size of container you need. Vending machines typically require a full container load, which means you need to consider the size of the container. Although vending machines may have a large volume, the machine height may be less than the height of the container, so you need to consider utilizing the space above the machine. You can use snacks, toys, and other items to fully utilize the space in the entire container and save on transportation costs.


6. Items inside the claw crane machine

When choosing a crane machine, you need to consider the types of items inside the machine. If the vending machine sells food, you need to consider whether it is easy to spoil or damage. If the vending machine sells dolls, you need to consider whether they are well-known brands or ordinary teddy bears. Choosing the appropriate vending machine will help ensure that the goods are in good condition during transportation and after arrival in Malaysia.


7. Coins

Coins are an important part of crane machines, but it should be noted that you need to obtain approval from the Ministry of Finance in Malaysia to bring coins into the country. This point should be particularly noted, otherwise, you will face the risk of having your goods confiscated.


In summary, importing claw crane machines from China to Malaysia requires businesses to do some homework to ensure that the entire import process is completed smoothly. By understanding these precautions and tips, businesses can import vending machines with more confidence, bringing more opportunities and profits to their businesses.

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