Today, I would like to share with you guys about my experience of using 1688 to purchase goods, and provide it to you guys as a reference. 1688 is a platform for wholesalers to import goods, and when you are using 1688 platform, may not believe that the price are really cheaper than Taobao! In fact, the process is not complex. When you log in for the first time, it might be a little confusing but it is easily to understand and use. 

Should you be interested in the step-by-step guide on “How To Purchase Goods From TaoBao”, you may click the link below to read on the article:

Step 1: Browse through 1688 Website 🖥️

First of all, you will need to search on Google or URL ( to enter 1688 platform. Then, you will need to give access to the “google translate” function in order to help you translate from Chinese to English for better understanding.

Alibaba Website Picture

Step 2: Register 1688 Account 🆔

If you have registered account for Taobao/1688,
Then you can directly use your Taobao’s account to log in immediately or you can choose to sign up for a new account.

Alibaba Website Log In Page

Step 3: Search for Goods / Enquiry 🔍

Once logged in, you may start searching for items and compare prices from different suppliers. You can even click on the ‘Inquiry Button’ and privately coordinate the price of a larger quantity of purchase with the merchant.

Select the inquiry button picture

Powerful Merchant Logo The Powerful Merchants refer to those who have been operating on the 1688 website for a period of time, and have received many good comments and quality certifications.

Therefore, when buying goods, remember to pay attention to the suppliers of the Niutou brand~

Step 4: Add to Cart 🛒

After filtering, you can search the goods that you want to import and can start ordering.

1. Select the specifications of the goods

2. Select color, size, and quantity

3. Add to Cart

The details of choosing the goods
The details of item updated

Step 5: Register C.I.E.F. Account 🆔

At this stage, make sure that you have signed up a CIEF account.  After registration, you can choose to send the goods to Guangzhou warehouse or Yiwu warehouse (generally I will choose Guangzhou warehouse). Next, you need to fill in your shipping address in Malaysia and a QR code will be generated.

Tutorial of downloading qr code page

Step 6: Retrieving QR Code

Before your supplier sends out your goods, you must download the QR Code from our system, and then ask your supplier to paste the QR Code on the parcels

The QR code can only be used for one kind of goods or for one supplier.

*If you have other goods, you may create another QR code on the system. If your goods are not pasted with the QR code, our warehouse will not accept it and will return it to your supplier again.

Tutorial of the button of download qr code
Page of download qrcode and printed

Step 7: Fill in the shipping address

Back to 1688, after you add the goods you want to the purchase list, you can go to the purchase list to pay. Here I want to remind everyone, I was wrong at the beginning, if you wholesale goods with several suppliers, you need to pay separately. After selecting a supplier, if it is not filled in the address of the warehouse will see the screen out a prompt! Click “Fill” to add the warehouse address in “New Shipping Address”.

The details of fill in shipping address

Please copy and paste the warehouse address, name, and phone number given in the system. 
*Reminder: Please do not fill in your own details!*
Only in this way the warehouse can sign the goods for us. Otherwise, they will reject the goods without their warehouse information.

Step 8: Make Payment 💳

Payment on 1688 has always been a difficult problem. Alipay-pay-on-behalf seems to be the easiest way to pay, but not all agents can offer purchase invoices, and there are restrictions on the frequency and size of payments. CIEF has always strongly recommended “bank transfer” method. Bank transfers on 1688 have suddenly stopped working since the year’s end. The issue is experienced by many people. You can still select to use “bank transfer” if it is still an option. You may easily pay and obtain a Purchase Invoice for your business audit by following the instructions in the CIEF video guide.
If you can’t choose “bank transfer” like me, now I have switched to CIEF’s new 1688 Payment. Of course, you still need to register before using these services. After registering successfully, make sure you have submitted the Identification Document. As a new user, to use the 1688 Payment, you should read the rule and activate that service.
  1. Real-name authentication is necessary for Alipay, which must be linked to the 1688 account.
  2. You have to choose “secured transaction” when paying.

CIEF’s new 1688 Payment is the authenticated payment method on the 1688 platform, which is completely legitimate. 

Yes, but you have to contact customer service and they will provide you with a solution.


The 1 day transfer and 3 days transfer as shown above is the time the transaction can be done, but only for “bank transfer” services. The service will become available on your left side as soon as you successfully activate the 1688 Payment. Then, after choosing 1688 Payment, input the transfer amount. Again, just need to fill in the necessary data in the system, and verify that the given amount is valid. You can then complete the RM payment and go on.

The CIEF staff will contact you and request a first-time-login TAC if they are accessing your 1688 account for the first time. As soon as they have made the payment for you, they will provide a receipt through the system, as seen in the below image, and your seller will begin sending the items.

** If there are still problems when using the system, feel free to ask our customer service. You can also ask them for the tutorial on 1688 Payment.

Step 9: Shipping Information 🚢

Please don’t forget to give the QR code to your provider after the payment. To ensure that your items have arrived at our warehouse, you can trace them at any time.

When the warehouse receives the goods, you might see it if you click on the “more details” button under the QR code on the system.

The details of order payment

Step 10: Paying the Freight

A few days before the shipment arrives at the port, you can go back to the shipping system and pay the freight. You can download your shipping document by clicking on the image of the file.

customers can pay the shipping fees through the system

Step 11: Received ✅

Waiting for the goods to arrive at the door step, sign for it, get it done 😉

✨ REMARK: Above is the step-by-step guide on sea shipping. If you are interested on our sea shipping service, kindly click on the button below. Beside that, we also provide parcel consolidation service with the link attached below as well.