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Please read the declaration below before using our shipping service.

Our company is not liable to any packaging issues such as damages, broken, and gnaw by rat, snakes and other insects. Merchant accountability to communicate with supplier regarding on the best alternative for consignment packaging to avoid any damages caused during the shipping distance from China to Malaysia. Our company will not sign if the parcel has get soaked when delivered to our warehouse and the parcel will be return to the merchant.
Of course, to avoid these happened frequently, our company has given some good examples below on how to properly pack the consignment as a reference to the merchant and suppliers.


Consignment Packaging Method

Below are the examples of packaging method for “Normal Goods”:
The hardness of the boxes


The hardness of the outer boxes is the most common situation that most supplier tends to ignore. The supplier should use a box that is hard enough to withstand long journey transportation in order to protect the goods from being damaged. Low-quality box may expose the goods in high-risk situation.

The hardness of the boxes for Shipping
Space-less inside boxes


The supplier should make sure there is no extra space inside the goods boxes or otherwise, the goods may be indirectly destroyed during the transportation journey. The supplier can prevent this situation from happening by wrapping the goods using bubble sheet or polystyrene support that can act as a cushion and preventing the goods from being destroyed.

Space-less inside boxes
H-shape sealing


A single strips tape sealing is not recommended as the tape may break during transportation journey thus the goods may get wet or destroyed. Double-layered or more tape sealing that seal in H-shape as showed below can prevent the goods from missing, wet or destroyed along the transportation journey.

Fragile logo


Various transportation channels are used when goods are delivered from the warehouse and send to Malaysia and thus the sequences of arrangement are crucial to avoid unnecessary damage. Weight and ‘fragile logo’ or ‘upright logo’ should be stick to the outer box in order to avoid the goods from being stacked with other heavy items as shown below.

Fragile logo
Goods with irregular shape


Sometimes goods like machine don’t have a fixed shape and usually, normal seal might be risky for the long journey transportation. The supplier should do proper sealing for the goods based on the type of goods.

Goods with irregular shape

Heavy Freight/Packaging Method

Please do request suppliers to seal pallet for the goods if they are overload or too heavy therefore it is more convenient for us to unload the goods by using the forklift. However, if the goods are not sealed on the pallet, the suppliers will need to undertake the obligations and charges, our company is not liable to that. As for reference, several examples have been shown below:


The supplier should seal pallet for the goods that are heavy as it may be difficult to be carried by the labour force so the goods are carried by a forklift. Goods that are heavy and unsealed may be rejected by the courier or transportation company which can delay the shipment schedule.

Shipment Pallet
Goods arrangement


Sometimes, goods that are different in sizes and measurement may be placed in the same pallet but the arrangement for different size goods in the same pallet is crucial, which preventing the goods being destroyed.


Goods arrangement

Overload pallet


Although different goods are placed systematically in the same pallet yet overload pallet is not recommended. To ensure the goods are delivered in good condition, please don’t overload the pallet.


Overload pallet

Fix the pallet


The pallet has to fix with elastic bands and a transparent plastic sheet to ensure the goods from missing, at the same time prevent the goods from getting wet.

Fix the pallet


Non-Fix the pallet

Cylinder-shape goods


Goods that are overloaded or came in cylinder shape can be fixed in the pallet as showed below.

Cylinder-shape goods


Cylinder-shape goods

Wooden box sealing


Sometimes there are certain goods that can’t be fixed with pallet but can be sealed with a wooden box. There are two different types of wooden box which is open-style and close-style which vary in prices. Wooden box sealing also suitable for fragile goods.

Wooden box sealing



Food Category Packaging

Delivery of food category goods has to always ensure that packaging does not smell which will attract rat, snakes and insects. To avoid unnecessary trouble below has given several examples on “Food Category Packaging”:
Hermetic Seal


The boxes should be seal thoroughly without a trace to avoid any food odour coming out.


Plastic Wrap/Cling Film Packaging


Using plastic wrap or cling film can efficiently cover the odour coming out from the package.


Woven Bag Packaging


The woven bag can easily get it by the suppliers as the cost is only RM3 to RM5 per piece (according to the sizes of packaging). Package the boxes with a woven bag and wrap with tape enable to decrease the damages caused.

Woven Bag Wrap Packaging
Beverage on Pallet


Place the beverage on a pallet will bring convenience for the forklift to carry the goods and to avoid from beverage spilling out.




Purchase or import from China is beneficial to Malaysian since Mandarin is the common language for both countries. Sometimes, the supplier might misunderstand and treat the goods as domestic shipments and ignore the proper sealing and packaging. Thus, proper procedure of sealing and packaging for long-distance shipment is crucial as an aid for the supplier in order to ensure the goods are delivered in good condition.

Normally the supplier will charge the customer if the goods needed further sealing like pallet sealing or wooden box sealing, the market price of sealing is shown below:

Pallet sealing – RMB 50 – RMB 100 (Depending on the condition of the pallet, the old pallet may break easily.)

Wooden box sealing- RMB 100 – RMB500 (depends on the size of goods)

Should you have any queries or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at our customer service line.

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