How to Calculate The Overweight Shipping Fee?

Get an overweight fee charged by the logistics company? Confused with how it was charged? No worries! I will share with you how to calculate the overweight fee.

For general goods, the probability of overweight charges is relatively low. So under what circumstances will the overweight fee be charged ? How is overweight calculated ?

A single piece of goods that ship by sea cannot exceed 500kg, because 1 cubic meter can only hold a maximum of 500kg. If a single piece of goods exceeds 500kg, the logistics company will charge you an overweight fee.

For example:

Calculation of overweight

Cubic meter = 1 CBM ; Weight = 600kg

**If 1 cubic meter exceeds 500kg, there will be an overweight fee.

600kg / 500kg = 1.2 CBM

You will be charged based on a volume of 1.2 cubic meters instead of the original 1 cubic meter calculation.

If you are experiencing any issues with shipping calculations, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team for further assistance and details.

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