1688 seller won’t accept bank transfer. How to get an invoice when using Alipay?

[Last updated on July 2022] Currently, most of the customers are facing the same payment issues such as 1688 bank transfer can’t be used, account frozen, or the Alipay pay-on-behalf agents do not accept orders anymore.  Finally, we have launched a new service, called 1688 Access Payment, which is legitimate, no account frozen, no transfer limit, and able to get the local purchase invoice as well.

A new 1688 payment method launched by CIEF

We talk about how to solve the payment problems when buying on the 1688 platform in the previous post. We also talk about Exchange system service and 1688’s bank transfer service.

But some importer said that some sellers unwilling to use bank transfer,  especially if the amount of money is small. What to do?

If you do encounter this type of situation, the only way is to use Alipay. Though the market has a lot of types of agents and there are con men as well.  So, how to find a trustable agent to help you out?

Don’t worry, we can introduce you to a trustable agent, who can help you to transfer and reload your Alipay and the most important is that they will give out an invoice to you. If you are interested in this service, you can go to our customer service.

Before that, if you haven’t registered an account. Please click – Register Account   You can directly use our services in the future.💁

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