How to Get an Invoice for Importing from China to Malaysia

You have imported goods from China, but you have no idea how to do your account. The invoice also seems important …..

Not to mention as well, the whole process of getting the import file for import goods and transfer money internationally is complicated and tedious. Most people thought, If I manage to directly transfer money directly to my China supplier, I might get an invoice. Though, that is not the case because most suppliers can’t provide an invoice for you.

So,  how you are able to enjoy the smooth process and get the invoice you want to do account? 

Mode of Shipping Agent

What you need is a shipping agent. A shipping agent or better known as forwarder act as a middle man for you. In simpler terms, you as the importer will transfer money to the forwarder. Then, the forwarder will help you to convert Ringgit to RMB and transfer it to your China supplier’s bank account. Next, the supplier will ship your goods. The forwarder will help you to import your goods and give you an Invoice Billing.

All you need is an expert forwarder to help you with your shipping and make your shipping easier.  We, CIEF can help you with your shipping and our Exchange System able to give you an invoice. Click here to know more about the Exchange System.


A new 1688 payment method launched by CIEF

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