Buying Goods On 1688, How To Solve The Payment Problem? (Full Version)

Buying Goods on 1688

The birth of network era, opened countless small and medium-sized businesses way to entrepreneurship, by knowing the quickest road to import small quantities of goods and began their own network operators / entrepreneurial road.



However, there are many readers who are still wondering on how to solve the payment problem when purchasing with 1688.


If Malaysians want to open Alipay in China, they must first obtain real-name certification. Real-name certification means the person must have a Chinese bank account, but the steps for Malaysians to open an account in China are very complicated, yet it is still possible. You can try to follow our previous article to open a bank account in China. However, China’s policy has been changing and it is impossible to ensure that there will be no other problems in the process of opening an account.


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So, do we have a better way to solve the payment problem?


The common answer would be by using Alipay! 

However, a Chinese bank account is still needed for Alipay to function well, because only with the presence of bank card bound to China, Alipay can be used normally to complete a series of processes such as transfer and payment.


There are still some people who will choose to use it: Alipay Payer! 

But if you are purchasing for commercial use, this is not the case. Since Alipay limits the amount of transactions in a single month or a single transaction, a large amount of transaction would be unsuccessful.

Having said that, what is the easiest option to make a payment?


In fact, when ordering in 1688, we can also choose the “bank transfer” option:


This page will appear when you select “Bank Transfer” and the system will provide approximately 5 days for us to make a bank transfer.



But within the process, there is still a [key] problem need to be solved, that is, the exchange rate problem, which means:



How to accurately convert the currency into the RMB you need?



It is not difficult to solve the [exchange rate] method, which is to use the exchange rate conversion system (Exchange Rate System) of our company (CIEF Worldwide Sdn Bhd).


> Exchange System


** If you are a customer who has not yet registered, please click this link to register your account.



After logging in to the website, the system will automatically ask you how many RMB you need, enter the amount of RMB required, and click “Book” to agree to the exchange rate order for the day.



Then the system will automatically turn to the next page.

It’s okay to copy the seller’s bank information from 1688, but here are a few things to note:

  1. Must fill in the Bank option: [Zhejiang Netcom Bank]
  2. Branch/branch/sub-branch must be filled in: [Zhejiang Hangzhou Zhejiang Network Bank Co., Ltd.]
  3. If you fill in the wrong information, the money will be returned.


Then follow all the steps of the Exchange System until you see upload Malaysia bank in slip.

After all the steps are completed, the Exchange System waits for  business day to process the remittance. In this process, you don’t need to do anything, the 1688 system will automatically display “Payment Success”.


Tips: Things to note in this process.



Finally, what if there is no “bank transfer” in the options on the 1688 website?

The option “Bank Transfer” is not displayed in the option, which means that the seller has not yet activated this function. At this time, you can ask the seller to open the “Fulfilling and Receiving” function. Of course, some sellers may not know how to operate and set up, then you may wish to share this link to your seller:

The steps are very simple and can be successfully opened in just few minutes. I believe your seller will be happy to cooperate!

We will post more information about 1688 in the future. If you are a buyer of 1688 or are interested in importing goods in 1688, please click on this link to subscribe to us.

To learn more about Less Than Container Load (LCL), please read【Full Version of Less Than Container Load (LCL)

So, click here to register now!!!!

We will update you with the latest information regularly. Thank you for reading, we will see you next time! ^^

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