7 major benefits of B2B sea shipping

Everyone will purchase the goods from China, but how to ship the goods from China? You might say that it is better to find a shipping company. There is nothing wrong with this statement, but there are many types of shipping companies, such as air freight from China to Malaysia, sea freight, container freight, and so on. Everyone has heard of Taobao shipping or Taobao forwarder. So, what is the difference between commercial shipping and Taobao shipping?

Therefore, need to understand the difference between their basic operations. So that, please read “Taobao Shipping VS Commercial Shipping”. To know how commercial shipping is better than Taobao shipping. Here are 7 major benefits of commercial shipping:




Everyone will be more sensitive about the speed of shipping the goods. The question often asking by buyers “Are you faster than the other shipping companies?” Not really. For sea shipping, it takes 15 – 18 days or more to ship the goods. I would say that commercial shipping will bring you benefits you in terms of speed because we are faster on board when the goods arrive at the warehouse!

Generally, the speed of Taobao shipping to Malaysia will be relatively slow, normally from 5-10 days. It is because “Taobao Shipping” will go through a “packing warehouse” to collect all the goods, repackage the goods into a big box, and then send the goods to the “shipping warehouse” to carry out loading and ship the goods into Malaysia. So, if you’re one of the suppliers delayed send goods to the warehouse, the time to ship will be slow.

For the “commercial shipping”, do not have a “packing warehouse” process, so the goods can be loaded immediately upon receipt, thus greatly improving the shipping efficiency. This means that we will ship the goods to Malaysia when the warehouse received the goods. Then, importers can receive the goods in the shortest period.



The price of “Taobao Shipping” generally will be more expensive, because “Taobao Shipping” go through the process of “packing warehouse”. Due to this reason, the warehouse rent and the labor cost will make the service cost generally increase by 20% to 50%. The service cost will be higher than the “commercial shipping”.

Also, the price of shipping of “Taobao” is calculated by “weight”. How many KG you purchased, how much cost you need to pay.

The shipping price of “Commercial shipping” is different. “Commercial shipping” using the volume of CBM to calculate the shipping price. For example, if you want to import 50 dozen pairs of thick sweatpants, a pair of thick sweatpants will be heavier than normal sweatpants. At this time, you can think that if you use “Taobao Shipping” to ship the goods, then how much shipping price you have to pay for the 600 pairs.

However, Commercial shipping will calculate the shipping price by the CBM of goods. Whatever how many weights you import, we only calculate the CBM of goods. So, you can realize that the shipping price of commercial shipping will be cheaper.



“Taobao Shipping” need to deal with the “packaging”, so buyers need to provide a tracking number to identify which some goods need to pack together, so the operation will be relatively complicated. Generally, after purchasing the goods, buyers need to wait for the seller to prepare the goods for shipment, then the seller can provide “tracking number” to buyers, then they will place orders one by one according to the tracking number.

After placing an order, need to inform the warehouse which tracking number needs to be packaged together and which does not, and then process the order. So that, “Taobao Shipping” will require buyers to process the payment shipping online before loading. If you forget to pay, the goods will not be able to carry out the next step of loading operation, which will delay the shipping time.

For commercial shipping, the process will be relatively simple. In the beginning, they will provide the “shipping mark” to their users, the users only need to send it to the supplier paste the “shipping mark” on the box of goods before shipping the goods to the warehouse. After pasting it, then can ship the goods to the warehouse. When the warehouse received the goods, the warehouse will directly arrange the goods into the container and ship it to Malaysia.

So, users only need to purchase – inform suppliers to paste the “shipping mark” outside the box – sent into the warehouse – you just wait for the goods arrived.



For the invoice, there have different uses for individual users and commercial users. The commercial users’ import goods from China will need “Tax Invoice” to let the company audit or report income tax. Tax Invoice divided into tax invoices of goods and tax invoices of shipping fees.

Normally, “Taobao Shipping” is focused on serving “retail seller”. They will import some household goods instead of wholesale goods. So, they do not need a tax invoice. Therefore, the commercial users can import their wholesale goods through “commercial shipping”, because “commercial shipping” can provide the tax invoice to commercial users. In this way, the tax invoice problem will not be a problem for commercial users.

Professional Support for Commercial Imports

Professional Support

If you are a commercial user and need to purchase a full container load of commercial goods, you may need some business advice. Professional advice can help you easily to get the goods.

Trading terms:Exwork, FOB, CIF, CNF, DDP, DDU… (Can refer the article “Get A Full Container Load Price” for more details)
– Transfer Channel: What should I do if there is no Bank account of China or Alipay? (Use the “Exchange System” to easily convert RMB to suppliers)
-How is the exchange rate more cost-effective? (Log in our “Exchange System” and the system will be updated regularly every day)
– Certain import permits are required to import the goods into Malaysia such as SIRIM, MITI, ST, CIDB…

These services are generally only “commercial shipping” company can be provided. You may click the customer service to get more information.

Exchange Rate

Exchange Rate

Generally, the main service target audience of “Taobao Shipping” is “retailer or household”, and need to use “Alipay” to make payment to China. The amount of purchase is small, so the exchange rate of RMB is relatively low. However, commercial shipping will have a much higher exchange rate of more than 30-40%. It is more suitable for importers to import goods.

After-sales Service

After-sales Service

The customer of “Taobao shipping” tend to be “retail” customer, and the customer flow is relatively high. But there are difficult to get after-sales service. For example, you used this company’s shipping service to buy things on Taobao at this time, and then when you buy things on Taobao in the next time, you may forget which company you used before.

So you will choose another shipping company to use. This is also because these companies like to show their own company on the Internet, to make you switch to use the other company’s shipping service because you will feel that there is no difference in which one to use. therefore, this is the problem for after-sales service.

The major customer of “Commercial shipping” tend to be commercial users because there are different reasons lead to commercial users will prefer to use the same commercial shipping company, which results in commercial shipping companies focusing on after-sales service. Generally, the customer service of commercial shipping will be more active, so usually do a better job in the after-sales service.


These are the 7 advantages of “commercial shipping”. After reading, you will know that we are more targeting on commercial users. For the commercial users who need to import wholesale goods into Malaysia!

The types of goods and suppliers are fixed, so the choice of “commercial shipping” company is the best choice for you. There is no matter in price, timeliness, exchange rate, professional advice, service, and so on, commercial shipping can provide the best quality services for you. These services are “Taobao Shipping” companies can’t provide.

Finally, we want to mentioned again that “Commercial shipping” can provide the best quality services to you, which are Shipping, Payment, and Invoice.

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