Which is better for shipping: LCL or FCL?

When it comes to shipping freight by sea, there are two main types of services: FCL and LCL.


A term used in ocean freight that stands for Full Container Load. This means that the entire container is being shipped by one customer and is not shared with any other customers. This type of shipment usually offers the best rates and is the most convenient for the customer because they do not have to worry about coordinating multiple shipments.

The main benefit of FCL for the shipper is that they have complete control over their shipment. They know exactly what is going into the container and they can pack it however they want. This also means that there is no risk of their goods getting damaged or lost in transit since they are packed and sealed in a container. 

LCL (less than container load)

A type of ocean freight shipping. With LCL, smaller shipments are consolidated into a single container, which is then shared by multiple shippers. This reduces the cost of shipping for each individual shipper and makes it more economical to ship small quantities of goods.

The biggest pro of using LCL shipping for ocean freight is that it is much more affordable than sending a full container. This is because you are sharing the cost of the container with other businesses, which drives the price down.


Differences between FCL and LCL:

The main difference between FCL and LCL is the amount of cargo that is being shipped. With FCL, the shipper has enough cargo to fill an entire container. With LCL, the shipper does not have enough cargo to fill an entire container so the shipment is combined with other shipments to fill a container.

Another difference between FCL and LCL is the price. FCL is more expensive than LCL because the shipping company has to charge for the use of an entire container.

In conclusion, it is important to understand the differences between FCL and LCL ocean freight in order to make the most informed decision for your shipping needs. FCL shipments are ideal for larger shipments that can fill an entire container, while LCL shipments are better suited for smaller shipments that can be combined with other cargo to fill a container. If you have any questions about which option would be best for your shipment, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

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