Types of Goods that Cannot Export from Malaysia to Bangladesh

How much do you know about the goods that cannot export from Malaysia to Bangladesh?

When exporting goods, you may be confused since you have no idea what kind of goods can be export to Bangladesh. This has been bothering you for quite some time, in this blog I’ll share some information about it.

The goods that cannot be exported.

These are the list of goods that cannot be export:

1) Gold, Silver, and other valuable goods

  • Gold, silver, and other valuables goods cannot be exported.  This is because the company is a third party logistic export company and does not have the legal documents from Malaysia to do so.

2) Batteries

  • All types of batteries cannot be exported. The reason is that lithium is a dangerous compound found in batteries and it causes batteries to be corrosive, flammable, and toxic. Another reason is that some explosive compound can be found in batteries as well which may cause an explosion.

3) Glassware

  • Glasswares cannot be exported due to it is fragile and cannot withstand heavy goods to be stack on top.

4) Flammable Goods

  • Flammable materials also cannot be exported. This is because the temperature in the cargo shipment is higher than the outside normal temperature. While at night, the heat in the containers won’t disperse heat easily, so the temperature in the container is 20-30 degrees higher. Long-term sultry containers cannot guarantee that the goods will catch fire or even explode.

5) Spray Cans

  • All types of spray cannot be exported, The reason is it is considered as flammable materials. For example, cooking oil spray, gas spray, fire spray, and so on.

6) Alcohol Goods

  • All types of alcohol goods cannot be exported such as drinking alcohol. Expect SANITIZER, the only alcohol goods can be exported.

7) Goods contain Drugs 

  • All types of drugs cannot be exported. This is because it is illegal in Malaysia. For example, medicine, pills, traditional medical herbs, and so on.

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