How to import mandarin orange from China to Malaysia?

Chinese New Year is coming soon! One of the essential New Year’s items for Lunar New Year is mandarin oranges. As the New Year approaches, importers must start to plan to import mandarin orange but mandarin orange cannot be used in ordinary containers like usual. Given that the mandarin orange is a fruit with a relatively limited shelf life, certain conditions must be met to preserve their freshness and prevent spoiling. Additionally, since they are fresh produce, importers must seek for the necessary certification before bringing them in.

In this article, I will share the process of importing mandarin orange and the documents and certificates required to help importers choose the best way to import mandarin.


How to import:

In general, mandarin orange requires a refrigerated container in order to maintain freshness throughout shipping. In this situation, we would suggest to the importer that he to fill a whole refrigerated container with mandarin. For importers, this will be the most cost-effective and efficient way to import.


Steps to import:

1. Discuss with the supplier of mandarin orange.

The importer must choose a reliable mandarin orange supplier and coordinate the necessary details with them.


2. Estimate transportation costs.

Find a reliable logistics company to estimate the cost of importing mandarin oranges. A 30% deposit is required if the order is confirmed.


3. Provide an Import Permit.

The importer is required to provide an Import Permit to the supplier.

—–Documents Required—– (Prepared by the importer)

Import Permit

**Apply and provide to the supplier in China

**An import permit can only be used once

**Valid for 3 months only

An import permit need to provide to the supplier


4. Supplier prepares the required documents.

The supplier gets ready the required paperwork while setting up the container shipment of the mandarin oranges. The importer must pay the full amount in this phase.

—–Documents Required—– (Supplier Preparation)

Phytosanitary certificate

**A certificate can be used only once.


5. Arrange for transportation.

The supplier is ready to arrange the shipment with the export documents once the mandarin oranges are loaded.

—–Documents Required—– (Supplier Preparation)

Form E

**Used for export duty exemption

Borang E_3

Bill of lading / BL

**A certificate of ownership of the goods and proof of the contract of carriage between the shipper and carrier.


Proforma Invoice / PI

**Informal reference invoices with information such as the name of the goods being sold, specifications, unit price, etc.


Packing list

**A list used to clarify the details of the packaging of the goods.

**Supplement the invoice with details of the packing method, packing material, number of pieces packed, specification of goods, quantity, weight, etc., for the approval of goods by customs and other relevant authorities.


Telex release

**The importer has to pay the supplier as soon as possible so that the supplier can hand over the tariffs to the logistics company for shipping.


6. Importer prepares the required documents.

While the mandarin orange is in route and before the refrigerated container gets to the port, the importer needs to get ready the required paperwork for customs clearance.

—–Documents Required—– (Importer Preparation)


**Certificate of approval issued by Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority and Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries.

**For customs clearance at Malaysian ports.


7. Transport the containers back to warehouse.

The importer can deliver the container back to their warehouse once customs clearance is complete.

Step of how to import mandarin part 1

Step of how to import mandarin part 2


The process of importing mandarin orange is not too complicated, and the documents required for the process are also not too difficult to handle. Please get in touch with us by following the link below if you are an importer who is interested in importing mandarin oranges. You may trust on our company to offer you the most experienced consultation and logistic transportation services.

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