What if 1688 does not accept the ‘Bank Transfer’ method?

Since the end of 2021, some people just discovered that bank transfers were not available in 1688. It’s not because the suppliers have not activated the “bank transfer” function, but there is a row of words “the transaction risk check failed” under the original bank transfer option. Have you encountered it too?

the bank transfer payment method cannot be chosen on 1688

Have you been trying to use your own Alipay account or ask Alipay’s pay-on-behalf agents to make the payment? However, some customers recently told to us their accounts have become frozen and many of the agents do not want to accept orders from customers anymore.

We went through so many ways and finally, we launched it. This payment service is called [1688 Access Payment]. This is so different from bank transfers and the Alipay method that you have used before. This service will just only need our staff to log in to your 1688 account and make payments for you. 

This payment method is:

  • Officially authorized by 1688
  • 100% proven can be worked
  • No order limit/ number of suppliers
  • No restriction on the transfer amount
  • No account frozen
  • Providing local purchase invoice

To know more, click the button 1688 Access Payment

If you have any enquiries, please contact our customer service.


2 comments on “What if 1688 does not accept the ‘Bank Transfer’ method?

    1. Hi, good morning. In our opinion, it may be caused by the adjustment policy of the 1688 platform. However, it may due to other reasons as well, so we are trying our best to find out the problems and the solutions. We will update it on our website or social media once we have the latest news. Thank you for your time today!

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