7 best things to import from China

China is known as one of the countries with the world’s largest population. Beneficially, what comes with a colossal nation is the endless number of employees in various industries, including the wholesale market. Hence, it becomes one of the main contributors to the rapid development of China’s wholesale department, putting China as a gigantic manufacturing heaven mankind could ever imagine. So, in this article, we would love to share with you ‘7 Best Things To Buy In China Especially For Business Start-Up’.

Best Things To Buy In China


First of all let us take a look at this checklist:

the best items selection of checklist

Having a business idea and initiate it from scratch is definitely not easy. Here the best items selection you can get in China: 

1. Garments For Everyone!

Head to toe clothing from the greatest quality to a moderate quality

Head to toe clothing from the greatest quality to a moderate quality. Wide range are available for you to choose! You can even pick your own fabrics and customized it with your own design. To make it even special, create your own tags, label & packaging and you are good to go! Unique packaging do play an important role in attracting customer’s attention. Click here for the related article regarding packaging.


2. Toys For Kids (& Even Adults!)

A stretch of choices from wooden to plastic to soft toys

A stretch of choices from wooden to plastic to soft toys like teddy bear and plushies all are within your reach. If you plan to go for toys business, China would be the best place to choose your items from. We found a good article for you to choose your best toys manufacturer, click here. Even adults are going crazy with the amount of selection that suit every age.


3. Cosmetics Products & Tools.

Cosmetics Products & Tools for women

A little something for your face? Woman and beauty are undeniably inseparable. Look at the rises of beauty-guru on social media platforms such as Tati Westbrook, Jeffree star, James Charles  and even local influencers like Faa Firds & Aisha Liyana. China’s market thousands cosmetics stuffs such as makeup palette, brushes, cleaning kit & etc. for you to choose. A mixture of a great quality formula plus an attractive hand-pick packaging could add up points to your product! Who knows one day you might win the hearts of woman and conquer the beauty market. 


4. Jewelry & Watches

The dazzling selection of jewelry

The dazzling selection of jewelry such as bracelets, rings and watches are waiting for you. Power of customization is definitely in your hand. Just choose, deal, buy and ship it to Malaysia with the cheapest price tag you could have. Why pay more for the exact quality to famous brands when you can get it less? Be smart and sell it better than anyone else.


5. Bedding Supplies

unique patterns of bedding sheets and supplies

Immerse in the selection of rainbow colors and unique patterns of bedding sheets and supplies in China. If you are not sure yet with the price, knock for few sellers and aim for the best negotiation. Here some tips and guide you can use to deal for the best price. Sleeping like a king is no longer in your dream when you can have and share the excitement of sleeping on 800 thread counts bedsheets.


6. Baby Products

Baby products and stuff

Baby products and stuffs could burn a hole in your pocket. Besides offering adults stuffs, China manufactured many baby products imitation from famous brands like strollers, baby cribs and nursery decorations with a great quality material. Surely many parents searching for the best dealer and wanted to spend wisely for their beloved small creature as some are only use for a while. So, this might be the best niche especially when you are aiming for budget-friendly parents as your customer.


7. Home Decoration

selling home decoration items

Lastly, if selling home decoration items is your target business, China also offered various style of home decor, be it Scandinavian, modern contemporary or rustic theme that surely suits everyone taste.You can find the in-trend furniture at a reasonable price and market it at its best!




Items, checked. Finding a seller with the best deal, checked. Now, how to make payment and make sure the items are safely shipped to Malaysia? 

Here one of the ways for you to ship your goods door to door from China to Malaysia;

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We will share more guides and tips for you in the near future. Thanks for reading!

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