Goods received in bad condition when shipping from Taobao or Alibaba. Why??

If you bought bulky goods from China marketplaces such as Taobao, Alibaba, or Tmall frequently and import to Malaysia, then I believe you have experienced one of the situations: Goods received in bad condition or damaged, or Goods received in the wrong amount or lesser amount, or Goods did not arrive on the time that had promised, late 1 or 2 weeks or longer and logistic company did not inform the reason why they late.

Do you wonder why these circumstances happened? 

The reasons are: 

1) Every logistic company has a different warehouse condition.

Reasons good received in bad condition

In the logistics market, some logistics companies have enough money to buy more forklifts, shelves, machines, and spaces. These companies have the effort to handle large amounts of goods and goods can be arranged nicely and keep the goods in their original shape. However, some logistics companies are unable to handle large amounts of goods and only good at handling small packages. But, to earn more money, these companies will accept large amounts of goods to push their sales. In the end, customers will receive the goods in a damaged condition or a lesser amount of goods.


2) Some logistics companies use courier service for delivery when goods arrived in Malaysia.

Reasons Goods received in bad conditions

For saving costs, some logistic companies use courier services such as Skynet, Gdex, or Apex for delivery when the goods arrived in Malaysia. Some courier services can handle the goods very nicely but some are irresponsible. When warehouses and lorries are not enough to handle so many goods, the delivery guy will extrude the goods to fulfil all the goods into the warehouses or lorries. When customers received their goods in the damaged condition, they will complain to the logistic company and not the courier service. Read more: Top 5 best courier services in Malaysia.

So, choosing a good logistic and shipping company and courier services is very important to shipping goods from Taobao, Alibaba, Tmall, or other China’s suppliers.     


So, how to solve these problems?

First,  when goods load to the warehouse, you must inform the logistic company to use a pallet or wooden cart. This can help the forklift easily to lift goods and avoid goods being damaged. 

Second, a commercial shipping company is better at handling large/ heavy packages while a Taobao shipping company is better at handling small packages/goods.  For a commercial shipping company, they will have their own equipment in China’s warehouse such as a forklift to move your goods and they have their systematic workflow to avoid goods being damaged. Also, in Malaysia, a commercial shipping company have their own private truck to send goods so they are able to handle bulky goods easily.

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