3 Must Known Import Terminologies

3 Must known Import Terminologies

I have seen a lot of importers don’t know much about import terminology, which led to communication problems with logistics. Sometimes when we ask questions, we don’t even get back answer. Today, I’ll help you understand three terminologies.

EXW (Exwork)

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The scope of our responsibility will start from the loading of China suppliers and then to your doorstep. In short, we contract all the procedures for you. You just need to place an order with a China supplier, and then send us the China address where the China supplier is located. We will load and pick up the goods at your China supplier’s factory, handle customs clearance and taxation of both countries, arrange transportation, and then deliver the goods to your door.


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The scope of our responsibility will start from the China port and then to your doorstep. China’s supplier will deliver your goods to one of the ports in China. We will arrange a ship to transport your goods, solve the customs clearance problem in Malaysia and tax, arrange the transport, and then deliver them to your door.


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The scope of our responsibility will be from your goods to Malaysia, and then to your door. Your China supplier will ship the goods to the Malaysian port by themselves. When your goods arrive at the port of Malaysia, we will handle the customs clearance and tax in Malaysia, arrange transportation, and then deliver them to your door safely.


Here, I believe you have a certain understanding of these professional terms! No more worrying about communication with logistics companies, the process of importing a whole container will be more pleasant! Don’t be afraid of the import terminologies!

If you want to start importing a whole container from China, you can read 【How to import a whole container from China to Malaysia】to understand the process.

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