Workflow Transparency; Get Your Business Shipping Done At Ease.

Being among the largest wholesale city, China surely has everything for everyone. From home items to clothes to tags, toys and many more, everything is possible for you to get. To no surprise, it is business people’s favorite go-to when it comes to getting quality stuff at a very affordable price. 
As a company in the line of providing shipping services to small and big business owner, we truly understand the need of mastering the shipping method to safely bring your products and stuff from China to Malaysia. Its either Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than a Container Load (LCL) type of shipping, we will cover it for you according to your preferences.
Due to bulk size items and long distance, searching for the best shipping method for your business products can somehow be quite a hassle. So, we decided to share a guideline consists of buying and shipping workflows. Hoping with the transparency procedure along the journey could make you guys to ship at ease!
The shipping workflow is pretty simple. Here is the basic guide listed for you;
  • First, booked your ticket flight, hotel and have an idea regarding places to eat (very important especially forr Muslim, as you have to opted for halal food 😊 )
  • Once arrived at the wholesale city, go to your related section and dive into thousands option for you to choose from.
  • Once decided, get back to your favourite shop for more details.
  • Don’t forget to prepare your own proforma invoice // handwritten invoice (With Bank Details) in advance.
  • Pay using cash / exchange system which can be surf here Bare in mind, our cut off time is at 4:00pm daily, any transaction after will be clear within the next working day)
  • Request your Order Number on Wechat (Ex: CIEF/123/HWG/010123). Request the order number based on the number of sellers you buy things from. If send on different days, you need to ask for different order number.Click ( for complete explanation on Wechat 😊
  • Lastly, ask the supplier to deliver your stuff to warehouse. Warehouse can help you to pay on behalf for any transportation cost. For purchases from multiple shops, asked for help from one friendlier supplier to send the goods all at once. Communication is the key 😉
  • Make sure your stuff are nicely sealed and packaged for fuss-free and safe transportation.
Once delivered to warehouse located in Guangzhou or Yiwu, the shipping journey are as follows; Loading the container – Booking vessel – Customs declaration – Ship to Malaysia – Customs clearance – Unloading stuff at Klang warehouse – Delivery right to your door steps (Ground floor only!)
Every cost is included in the shipping fee provided. After warehouse delivery is settled, consider all is done and wait for your parcel to arrive! Wait no more, get your business shipping done at ease TODAY!
Any questions are welcomed with open hands. You may book a free one-to-one consultation for more clearer view regarding shipping.
See you in another article!