How To Use Small Wechat Function to Help You Import Goods (Recommeded)

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Since we are in 21st century, the Internet has inevitably become an indispensable part of our lives. In recent years, the WeChat APP has become a communication tool in China across the country and even Malaysia.

Almost everyone has heard of the WeChat APP. However, it is not only a communication tool. It covers social, payment, media, lifestyle services, business services, and five WeChat businesses. There are numerous commercial miracles created using WeChat.

Today we came to help everyone to become a member of the commercial miracle!

Of course, if you do not open an account bank in China, you cannot use a convenient transfer function like the one in this article! But there is a guideline on opening a bank account at a bank in China. You can refer to the previous article: How do Malaysians open an account at a bank in China?

Here is a clear and detailed description of the specific process of opening an account. So far, WeChat has not yet provided services to open accounts in Malaysia. However, we must believe that in the near future, this will become a global communication tool.

After opening an account, we will find that the small WeChat has such a humanistic function. Cannot read and understand Mandarin, it is no longer impossible as you can still use WeChat to communicate and access to your desired business contacts!

1. The WeChat “translate” function is no longer a dream for you to chat with foreigners about business plans.

When a friend sends you a Chinese message, you only need to press this message to see the menu bar, and select “Translate”. WeChat will automatically translate the text into your system. Do not need any translation plugins, just translate straight away!

Wechat FunctionDescription      Wechat Function Description

2. The WeChat “Voice-to-speech” function allows you to speak at a glance by turning chattering into text. (Only available for Mandarin language setting)

Whenever a friend sends you a voice, are you upset about not being able to understand or listening? With the new function, you only need a long press on this voice to see the “Convert to Text” column in the menu bar. After clicking, WeChat will automatically turn the voice into text for you.

Wechat Translate Function      Wechat Translate Function

3. WeChat “payment” function, no face to face, one touch WeChat transfer.

In the right side of the input box of our chat interface, there is a plus button. After pressing it, an interface function will pop up. There are many functions such as photo album, shooting, video call, location, red envelope, transfer, voice input, business card and so on. Among them, red envelopes and transfer functions are all economical in the chat.

The red envelope is based on the traditional customs of red envelopes in China. However, this electronic envelope feature can only send an amount less than 200 yuan, and you can also attach your message. If you have added a bank card, you can use the change or bank card funds to transfer money.

The limit is: a single daily quota of 50,000 yuan, and the receiving party has no limit. After confirming the amount, click on the money to enter the red envelope or transfer. Enter the payment password you set in advance as prompted to pay.

The payment page is as follows:

wechatpay function     Wechat pay function

Wechat Pay Function     Wechat pay function

After payment, you will see this screen prompting you that the other person has received your red envelope or the other party has received the money.


wechat pay function     wechat result

In my wallet you can also see this screen, check the change balance and manage your bank card. Payment is a payment function used to pay to the merchants. If you encounter a merchant that supports WeChat payment, you can scan this page to the merchant and you can pay the merchant.

Are these three interesting and useful features is a big step closer to your relationship with Chinese businesses? After crossing the barriers of language communication, the first payment was facilitated and the import of Chinese goods was trivial. Share this new feature with your friends!

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